Time to Pull Up My Pants

That was not cool, guys. So, when I last left this blog, the W.I.S.E. team was staring me down angrily, waiting for me to write, regardless of my pantsless, meticulous outline. My editor had strongly suggested I abandon my pantser (as in, seat of one’s pants, making things up as I go along) style of … Continue reading Time to Pull Up My Pants

I’ve gotta put a ball gag on my monkey mind

I have been remiss in my blogging! September came crashing in, and nearly ran me over. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But, I’m teaching writing at the College of Southern Maryland again, and have a larger course load than usual. Two classes amount to forty essays employing different rhetorical devices for argumentation every … Continue reading I’ve gotta put a ball gag on my monkey mind

Once Upon a Time

“Once upon a time...” I think that was the phrase that sealed my fate. Like most little girls my age, I grew up on fairy tales. Mystical woods and faraway lands full of simultaneously unreal and all-too-real people and creatures drove my imaginary play. The woods between my house and my friends’ were alive with … Continue reading Once Upon a Time