Monsters in Love

Monsters in Love Agent Shakespeare has fallen in love. If you’ve ever watched a James Bond movie, you’ll know that secret agents and deeply committed romances don’t end well.   Shakespeare handles human intelligence for her team. She is an expert at setting honey traps and willing to follow through with anything her target wants … Continue reading Monsters in Love

Don’t make me hit you with my writer’s block.

One of the questions I get in interviews or see all the time in writer chat groups is, “How do I contend with ‘writer’s block?’." I have learned the hard way not to answer that question. It’s a trap. Most indie or untrained writers, it seems, see this as an opportunity to pontificate, and they … Continue reading Don’t make me hit you with my writer’s block.

Time to Pull Up My Pants

That was not cool, guys. So, when I last left this blog, the W.I.S.E. team was staring me down angrily, waiting for me to write, regardless of my pantsless, meticulous outline. My editor had strongly suggested I abandon my pantser (as in, seat of one’s pants, making things up as I go along) style of … Continue reading Time to Pull Up My Pants

I’ve gotta put a ball gag on my monkey mind

I have been remiss in my blogging! September came crashing in, and nearly ran me over. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But, I’m teaching writing at the College of Southern Maryland again, and have a larger course load than usual. Two classes amount to forty essays employing different rhetorical devices for argumentation every … Continue reading I’ve gotta put a ball gag on my monkey mind