Once or twice a month, I post about writing, books, gaming, my projects, and occasionally cats and yoga. I love talking to readers, so feel free to leave comments!

The Answer to the Big Question

“Why are you writing about superheroes?” The short answer harkens to mythology, which I’ll address in a few moments. Anyway, I got that question a lot as people began to give feedback on the earliest versions of The Persistence of Memory. At the time, I’d been focusing on the love story between Daniel and Nina. … Continue reading The Answer to the Big Question

The Family that Slays Together…

Well, the planned tagline was “stays together,” or something like that, but my son and I just played two characters apiece for a one-off D&D 5e module run by my husband the other day. We didn’t slay much other than a few R.O.U.S.’s, but we did slay those, I suppose. I prefer the role-playing part … Continue reading The Family that Slays Together…

Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day month! Okay, it’s still a couple of days away, but I’m impatient. This blog is, in part, an apology for my horizons having been too narrow for too long. I’m gonna confess something that if you’ve been reading my other blogs, you probably surmised anyway. I am often exacting and particular in … Continue reading Independence Day!


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