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Superheroes Wanted: Apply Here

A while back, I posted a blog about why I write about superheroes. I’d likened them to our version of a contemporary pantheon, where the all-too-human, personal decisions based on anger, greed, love, jealousy, loyalty, and so on have much more pronounced consequences than for us regular folks. I’d discussed the idea that we route … Continue reading Superheroes Wanted: Apply Here

Looking the Part

Costumes are usually essential to the superhero genre, and I grew up in the 70s and 80’s, when color, spandex, and no small amount of camp were in style. Thinking about those costumes now, I don’t think they’d work well for some of today’s versions of our favorite heroes. Henry Cavil’s Superman and Christian Bale’s … Continue reading Looking the Part

The Answer to the Big Question

“Why are you writing about superheroes?” The short answer harkens to mythology, which I’ll address in a few moments. Anyway, I got that question a lot as people began to give feedback on the earliest versions of The Persistence of Memory. At the time, I’d been focusing on the love story between Daniel and Nina. … Continue reading The Answer to the Big Question


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