Reviews of Deja vu

I’ll get this out of the way first: I liked this book in part because I like Avengers fanfic. Not that Déjà Vu is Avengers fanfic, but there were enough similarities that it was the first connection I made, and that connection was one which enticed me further into the book. After all, the book is something like a comic book made into a novel. It follows a hidden group of superheroes, primarily an enhanced soldier from World War II.

There, however, the similarities stop. For one thing, the enhanced soldier Daniel Hecht, also known as Lionheart, is Jewish, which raises the stakes considerably for his past. For another, none of the other members of the team bear such similarities to the Avengers; their abilities tend more toward typical comic book fare.

For yet another, this book is less a superhero movie than a romance. There’s still plenty of action, but the plot is as much about the growing relationship between Daniel and his new neighbor, Nina Asher, as it is about the possible end of the world.

Daniel first meets Nina when he helps her move in, and he finds himself inexplicably fascinated by her. His fascination only grows when he finds she works with the hidden group, though they don’t know what her abilities might be. In fact, they know nothing about her. She was found with complete amnesia about her past, and the only clue anyone has about her is that she can speak Sumerian. As the book goes on, she learns more about who she was, but that knowledge causes trouble for her blossoming relationship with Daniel. Her true identity is not at all the woman Daniel believes her to be, and the woman he found himself falling in love with seems to be vanishing.

And the end of the world? Well, anyone who knows the superhero genre knows that will be averted, but the truth is that even the protagonists don’t know whether the world’s about to end or not. They just know that strange insect-like things with venomous stingers are after them, and it sure seems like something apocalyptic is happening.

Overall, I loved the book. It was a fun ride, and the relationship between Daniel and Nina has the perfect balance of heat and humor. However, comic books don’t always translate well to the written word, and there were times when I wished something had been illustrated rather than written. Also, the beginning could have used more exposition to help me understand the world. Despite that, I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it just as much. Star Rating: 5/5–Reviewed by Jo Niederhoff–Manhattan Book Review

The Relationship between Danile and Nina has he perfect balance of heat and humor.

Manhattan Book Review

This isn’t your average superhero story… Daniel and Nina’s nascent romance eventually becomes the main focus, culminating in engagingly steamy chapters at the endof the novel. —Kirkus

Janowsky’s prose is adept and well-crafted, with a very skillful balance of action, interior monologue, vivid setting details, and nimble dialogue…Janowsky’s story is unquestionably original and wonderfully imaginative, incorporating diverse aspects of history and mythology into a romance that transcends time. –Booklife

Deja Vu” is a sexy romance (bordering occasionally on erotica) novel at heart, but it  is so,  so much more. I was genuinely impressed with the level of intelligence, historical research, and complexity Ms. Janowsky brought to a genre that can be full of predictable cliché storytelling. It overall felt fresh and unique. I appreciated the fact that even with the  time/place changes, this wasn’t a ‘time-travel’ novel and it always kept its sense of  focus. Because of Daniel’s unique situation and backstory, we are able to  revisit the past in a way that is authentic and organic.  Ms. Janowsky did a remarkable job in capturing the tone and nuances of the different time/stages. Ms. Janowsky’s writing is lovely, descriptive and  atmospheric… This novel fits nicely within a few different genres (as  mentioned) yet at the same time defies the normal confines, which is refreshing…Once it gets going, it’s hard to put down. Inventive, passionate, and creative. I thought the ending was sweet (sexy) – it does wrap up and not with some crazy cliffhanger (which I certainly appreciate) but does leave the door open for more to follow with Nina, Daniel, and the others. Can’t wait!--Independent Book Review

“Déjà vu” is a remarkable and gorgeously crafted debut novel. Ms. Janowsky solves the Rubik’s cube of how to blend the science fiction, superhero, fantasy and romance genres seamlessly into a deeply satisfying story that won’t disappoint lovers of action, high-adventure or romance.

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Nazi horrors, superpowered people, mythical creatures, graphic assault scenes, Sumerian mythology, time-travel, eroticism, and sexual intimacy are incorporated into this well-researched novel. Janowsky has done a fantastic job of blending elements from different genres into a clever and unique story that will stay with readers long after they are done reading. –Bestsellers World

Janowsky skillfully reveals the duo’s intricately complex attraction to each other, allowing their romance to develop with sensuality. Yearning and tender love dominate the story, turning the book into a melancholy, haunting read. –The Prairies Book Review

Romance and mystery fuse in this supernatural thriller [that] touches on classic themes in multiple genres. [T]here are flashes of brilliance in the writing. Janowsky pays attention to small details, which are so important to a romance…It is the beauty in the prose that carries the book, even with a riveting story and a unique take on the superhero genre. Self Publishing Review

It is one of those stories you just simply cannot put down because you are always searching for the next step, the next move in the relationship. The erotic writing in the book is a very small part, but an extremely powerful part. I felt the author handled these scenes with such tenderness and care that it was an absolute pleasure to read. If you love good science fiction or fantasy with plenty of twists and turns, or if you just love a ripping good adventure yarn with plenty of romance, you will love this book. I did and I can highly recommend it.”  –5 Stars, Reader’s Favorite Reviewer

Beautifully written, this fantasy fiction novel embraces all the magic that paranormal aspects and superhero concepts promise. The characters may seem foggy to each other, but for the reader these people are wholly credible, thanks to Karen’s fine prose. Adding spicy erotica to the mixture along with a fine sense of history, this initial book of her trilogy places this new author in the front ranks of her peers. Highly recommended. 

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With a highly satisfying denouement and solid backstories developed it’s clear that Janowsky’s series has great potential. With more celestial and superhero intrigue to explore in forthcoming releases Déjà vu is highly recommended.–BookViral

[Deja vu] is a love letter to the genre…I recommend this book to those who’d like to see the superhero genre merge with the romance genre to create a perfectly balanced story that blends the best of both of these worlds into its own unique subgenre. –LitPick

Reviews of All Our Yesterdays

Readers hooked on the romantic struggles of Daniel and Nina in Déjà Vu will ecstatically devour the second installment in the series, All Our Yesterdays.  —The Prairies Book Review

 A highly recommended read for those who love superheroes, fast-paced action, and sizzling erotica.

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Karen Janowsky brings readers deeper into the world of Nina and Daniel, the heroic star-crossed lovers from the first installment of this ethereal and unique series…[T]his sophomore offering probes down into the characters’ relationships with one another and their place in the world. Nina and Daniel are both introspective and thoughtful characters, trying to balance ideals of love and duty, but not always succeeding. They are imperfect heroes, battling ancient powers and navigating their new roles in the divine hierarchy. Mythology and magic cross paths – and spears – in this wildly creative and unpredictable novel. The balance of modern erotic fiction with compelling historical fantasy makes this a spicy read that will keep readers flipping through pages, but there is more to this story than sex and action. Janowsky is patient in her revelations, reveling in the tension of her prose…Overall, this romance-fueled adventure is a brisk and entertaining read, and a fine continuation of the series. —Self Publishing Review

Forget everything you know about superheroes and let yourself be swept away by a story of passion and adventure… you won’t regret it.

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Romance fans who were rooting for the couple during the first book are certain to enjoy how hot and heavy the second book truly is. Moving Daniel into a passionate stage…is a sharp move, and author Karen Janowsky does it just at the moment when his and Nina’s relationship is about to take another terrible hit. More monsters and historical bad guys abound, blending historical fiction with comic book style superheroism, and still giving readers a strong erotic love story at its core. The work in these pages is both atmospherically complex and multi-layered, telling several stories from different genres which come together…balanced and easy to understand…Overall, The Persistence of Memory: All Our Yesterdays is a superb sequel not to be missed. –5 Stars, Readers Favorite Reviewer

Karen Janowsky has a gift for balancing heat, humor, and heart, which in my opinion means she deserves to be a known name in the romance world.

Manhattan Book Review

A superhero novel with real heart and an exciting read All Our Yesterdays is sure to be well received by Janowsky’s fans and is recommended without reservation.BookViral

Thrilling action sequences with plenty of superhero oomph alternate with tender yet steamy romantic scenes between Nina and Daniel to fill in the gaps between plot points as the superhero team of WISE discovers the ultimate purpose behind the artifacts and races to retrieve a pivotal relic before their enemies can recover it. All Our Yesterdays is an entertaining read and Janowsky merges historical fiction with the superhero fantasy genre with rare skill. –Readers Favorite Reviewer
Star Rating: 4 / 5

Mythology and magic cross paths – and spears – in this wildly creative and unpredictable novel. The balance of modern erotic fiction with compelling historical fantasy makes this a spicy read that will keep readers flipping through pages.

Reader’s Favorite

All Our Yesterdays picks up right where Déjà Vu left off. On the whole, it’s an excellent continuation of the story. Karen Janowsky has a gift for balancing heat, humor, and heart, which in my opinion means she deserves to be a known name in the romance world.–Reviewed by Jo Niederhoff–Manhattan Book Review

Reviews of The Beginning of Always

This book is so so good and I can’t recommend this series enough. I love it because it’s so freaking sophisticated, clever and smart in the storyline, dialogue, fantastic characters…it has everything any reader could want. This is fantasy fiction at the highest level. Top notch.

Amazon Reviewer

In Persistence of Memory Book 3: The Beginning of Always, Karen Janowsky delivers an unforgettable conclusion to what has been a tumultuous and entertaining series.As with the other books in this series, the wild pace of the writing grabs your attention and refuses to let go…Janowsky has shown herself once again to be an ambitious voice, touching on a huge range of subject matter in the The Persistence of Memory series, and ensuring that readers are fully invested in the fate of this imagined world to the very last page. –Self Publishing Review 

Janowsky has this ability to create a gripping narrative which is rich with details and shines with romantic intrigue. Classic themes of love and sacrifice add emotional vigour to the theme…Janowsky paints a convincing portrait of the misfit superpowers, who with their human afflictions struggle to attain order in a world full of chaos…Fans of romance will love the couple’s sensual journey of discovery, which is erotic without being crass. —Prairies Book Review

Janowsky has pitched the perfect ending. A superb series and a must-read for fans of Superhero Fantasy Fiction The Beginning of Always is unreservedly recommended.–BookViral

I found this book to be a satisfying conclusion to the series. Much of the action is replaced by deep, human conversations about devotion versus respect, to honor versus obey, romantic versus unrequited love, and cultural religion versus spiritual religion. Pretty deep themes for a story about superheroes, but Janowsky crafts very realistic characters despite their sensational situations, giving them humanity and depth that keeps you rooting for them until the final pages…If you enjoyed the first two books in the series, I highly recommend finishing what you started. 


Author Karen Janowsky has always featured fantastic moments of drama and intense personal connection in the Persistence of Memory series, but none more so thrilling than this final installment. The heat is turned up to the max as Daniel and Nina cling to one another for survival, their taut romance giving way to moments of absolute darkness and devastation. The paranormal and superhero/villain elements are fully in play when the central danger plot takes over, accompanied by graphic and visceral description quite unlike anything readers have seen before. This results in a heart-in-mouth reading sensation that takes the intensity of previous books up to eleven, whilst also maintaining the character integrity of the developmental stories and putting them to their absolute limits. All in all, The Persistence of Memory: The Beginning of Always is a superb series conclusion not to be missed.–Readers Favorite Reviewer

I just finished reading #3. The best books I’ve read in a very long time. If you like 50 shades of gray. You will love these 3 books. I was really shocked with the twist close to the end. But I will be passing my books on to another. Because it’s a must read.

Amazon Reviewer

Star Rating: 5 / 5: The end of a trilogy is always something beautiful and bittersweet. Over the course of three books,readers have gotten to know and love a set of characters, have been enthralled by storylines, and have gasped over twists and turns in the plot. The Persistence of Memory trilogy is no exception. I’m grateful to have had the chance to review all three books and to have a front seat view of just how exciting superhero romance (a subgenre I hope to see more of) can be…[One of] my favorite things about the series is the balance. The author doesn’t just make sure equal weight is given to the plots. She makes sure equal weight is given to the tones as well…Hopefully someday we’ll see a sequel series about another member of WISE. –Reviewed by Jo Niederhoff, Manhattan Book Review

Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that the villain in this series (and especially as they reveal themselves in Book Three) is as tragic, complex, and unorthodox as any villain I’ve ever come across in literature. The backstory and character arcs of all the major players are skillfully conceived and executed with flair and freshness. For those of us who delight in deep and complex characters, this book (and series) was a delight to read.

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Reviews of W.I.S.E. Men

The Persistence of Memory Book 4: W.I.S.E. Men is a work of fiction in the urban fantasy, superhero, and LGBTQ+ sub-genres and was penned by author Karen Janowsky. Written for adult audiences, the book does feature some scenes of moderate violence, the use of explicit language and some scenes of a sexual nature. We focus on two specific protagonists for the tale. Graham, a new U.S. Army Ranger with enhanced senses, envisions a perfect future until Steven Amato walks into his life and changes everything. Meanwhile, injured Army Lt. Kevin Rye utilizes a suit that allows him to return to physical life, but it brings him power and pain like none he’s ever known.

Originality and authenticity always make for great books and Janowsky continues to deliver on both counts with the release of her fourth book in The Persistence of Memory series.

A superb blend of techno-thriller and superhero fantasy that whips along at a cracking pace W.I.S.E. Men is the origin story her fans have been waiting for and it’s a corker!


There are more and more books about superheroes being released but what often separates the good from the bad is an author’s ability to get into the minds of their characters and this is something Janowsky is particularly good at.

Fielding a fun, intelligent and immediately engaging plot she revels in weaving converging plot lines together across multiple timelines whilst again demonstrating a meticulous eye for detail.

The central characters in W.I.S.E. Men are U.S. Army Lieutenant Kevin Rye, his longtime friend, Rob Fisher, U.S. Army Ranger Graham Beech and Steven Amato with mythological Daniel Hecht yet to make his travel through time. As you would expect from Janowsky they are all strong and vividly described but it’s her exploration of their differing relationships that makes W.I.S.E. Men such a good read. She takes time to explore their sexuality, their fears and their vulnerabilities and there are few authors in the genre who do this so well.

A wholly absorbing and highly enjoyable read W.I.S.E. Men proves another win for Janowsky and is recommended without reservation! —BookViral

Author Karen Janowsky weaves a new set of characters and ideas into her amazing Persistence of Memory collection as these protagonists line up with the out-of-time and out-of-place Daniel Hecht. Having read some of the other novels in the series, I loved this new forward-moving element to the tale, and especially the inclusivity of Graham and Steven discussing issues of being gay in the army. The fantasy elements of the tale are as strongly developed as the love scenes, and I found that the initial attitudes of the piece give an astute overview of typical army conduct, which is then subverted and changed by the growing developments of the plot. This makes for both an immersive and emotive urban fantasy tale, and overall I would highly recommend The Persistence of Memory Book 4: W.I.S.E. Men to readers of the existing series and those keen to start.–Readers Favorite Reviews