Karen Janowsky

Superheroes in Love

Would you like to hear a story? Readings from published short stories and poems

 The Persistence of Memory Book 1 Prologue
Karen Janowsky · Deja Vu Prologue by Karen Janowsky.mp3


 Bluebeard -- Stone Coast Review Winter 2020
Karen Janowsky · Bluebeard by Karen Janowsky.mp3

Mermaid -- Classics Remixed 2019
Karen Janowsky · Mermaid by Karen Janowsky.mp3

Rumplestiltskin -- Gingerbread House Literary Magazine
Karen Janowsky · Rumplestiltskin by Karen Janowsky

Hero's Journey -- Raven's Perch Literary Magazine 2019
Karen Janowsky · Hero's Journey by Karen Janowsky.mp3