Graduation and Empty Nester Blues

So, I'm not sure when EXACTLY my release date is yet. After a lot of hard work with my wonderful and oh-so-patient publishing editor, Dear Prudence is in the proofreading phase (that part takes a while). After that, the manuscript goes through its formatting phase so different platforms can sell and publish the book, and then, presto! A book is born! Meanwhile, my book cover came in yesterday, and It. Is. Gorgeous! I'm just waiting for the go-ahead from the editor-in-chief, who also is ridiculously patient with me, to start sharing.

Having said that, I'm looking for some volunteers to spread the word! Once the book shows up in Extasy Books' "Coming Soon" rotation and there's a link for preordering, I'm hoping for help get the message out on their social media sites. In return, I'm waiting for permission to throw in some cool thank-you gifts including artwork and early access to "outtakes" and extra chapters. Of course, if you're a fellow author, I'm glad to return the favor. Contact me at if you're interested!

In other news...

My boy's graduated high school and has started a summer college class. He was just a tiny little preemie, less than five pounds like, last week. I don't know how this happened. I'm still only in my early thirties. At least, I feel like I am until I realize I have no idea what pop-culture references my thirty-something friends make in casual conversation. 

Nevertheless, my son walked across the stage in his blue and white cap and gown, sporting the beard I couldn't persuade him to shave off. Just in case I need a reality check, his diploma's on display in my dining room. There's also the matter of the upstairs part of the house, where the floor doesn't exist in his room--only a deep sea of laundry.

On the other hand, I'm still an empty-nester, literally. New neighbors moved in. I noticed them the day before graduation. A family of cardinals took up residence in the bushes outside the dining room window. I'd been wondering why the cats had been hanging out in there more than usual. But sure enough, a gorgeous red male happened to be feeding a couple of hungry, featherless babies when I noticed them. The next time I paid them a lot of attention, graduation had passed and the babies somehow became fledglings. For a couple of days, their parents and I looked on, proud and concerned as can be, as the kids practiced flying, falling down, and flying again. Then, the other day...the nest was unoccupied! The fledglings "graduated" and left home, and the parents must've decided to find a retirement home or something.

And so it goes. I'm excited and a little nervous for all of my not-so-little babies. With luck and hopefully a little help from my friends, all will find success in this new part of their lives' journies.