Jun 20, 2022 by Karen Janowsky
Wow, has it really been that long? Sorry everyone!

So, a few quick updates (because my brain feels like there's a pinball poinging around through it):

First off, the first Persistence of Memory books are currently unavailable online. They've been significantly revised, cut back by a book (the trilogy is now a two-parter), and are a lot more awesome than they had been (because my editor is amazing and magical). I'm waiting a while to re-upload them. 

Fast Forward is DONE, and is the reason for the wait. I'm trying to get an agent interested in it, and perhaps the other books, and that's a slow slog through months of rejections (the agent-getting field is beyond competetive).  But, again thanks to my wonderful editor, it is the best of the series so far. I think I might have a shot this time.

Speaking of longshots, I've entered a contest to try to meet the superhero actor who, despite just about everyone's assertions, I am most definitely not unhealthily obsessed about. Wish me luck, everyone. I can feel it--it's gonna happen. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. My husband, by the way, has simply rolled his eyes and said, "Your fantasy life is your own business." This is my secret boyfriend, I'm talking about. Our relationship is so secret that he's never even heard of me. He has absolutely no idea who I am or that he even has a secret relationship. It's all because he's worried the papparrazi will invade my privacy. That's how much he cares about me. See? Not obsessed at all.

Let's see...the spy mashup is on hold until I don't feel intimidated by the project anymore. In the meantime, I've decided to try my hand on mainstream, contemporary romance. This too, is an experiement for me. It's still being drafted. We'll see how this goes.

Beyond that, Catsanova is over twenty pounds now, and is adorable and lovey until dinnertime, at which point he becomes tyranical and demanding! He can reach the counters by standing on his hind legs, so if I'm not fast enough, he just takes matters into his own paws and knocks the not-yet-filled-up food bowl onto the floor. I am merely his humble servant, the food and snuggle person.

That's about everything for now. I swear I'll try to be better about more frequent updates. Thanks for sticking with me, everybody. It means so much.