Dec 12, 2019 by Karen Janowsky, in Superheroes , Writing , Yoga

I’m back! There are only three weeks left in the semester, and I’m ready to get back to writing, as well as catching up on my stack of books. Since we’re about to observe Thanksgiving, and since my birthday is also in November, I thought I’d offer a few words of thanks. I’ve decided to withhold most people’s names, just in case they don’t want to be made known.

I’m thankful to all of the beta readers (there were dozens of them) who helped me shape The Persistence of Memory when it was all one huge, 150,000+ manuscript.

I’m thankful to my editor, Gary Smailes of Bubblecow for helping me whittle it down, helping to divide it into three books with endings that made narrative, sense, and making it a better series and me a better writer.

I’m thankful to have finished and published a series of books at all, and for the team it took to set up all the logistics, including covers, typesetting, and aiding in distributing the books, and for their designing of the web page, video, and social media sites in my name.

I’m thankful to the friends and family who bought the books (and especially grateful to the ones who read them).

I’m thankful to my publicist, Amber at A.L. Norton at A.L. Book Promotions.

I’m thankful for my husband and my son, who, for a very long time, were a writing widower and orphan as I wrote for hours and hours every day, and for putting up with most of my venting when things went sideways. In that same vein, I’m grateful for the friends who listened to me obsess about the books at all phases of writing and publication.

And of course, I’m infinitely grateful for the people who have bought and read the books and took the time to let me know they enjoyed them by leaving reviews. Please keep reading, spreading the word, and encouraging others to leave reviews, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and join the email list. You are the ones who make this all worth it.

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, and see you in December!